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Newtown gets positive feedback from bond rating agencies

Newtown is about to go out to the bond market to sell a bond.   While it wasn't a ratings review, First Selectman Pat Llodra told the Legislative Council Wednesday that the town received positive feedback from Moody's and S&P.  Newtown's rating from S&P is AAA.  The rating agencies look historically to see that in a policy was written in 2011 is still being adhered to. 


The Bond Sale is being executed on Thursday. 


Newtown has an overarching goal to reduce the debt burden.  One Council member wanted to know if there was any feedback about a recent change to the debt policy, going from 10-percent to 9.8-percent.  Llodra says the town is now closer to 9-percent and trending to 8-percent in the long term view. 


Llodra said it's like a report card, and officials want to hear that they've got municipal financing management right.  She says that's a big task so this positive feed back is very affirming.

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