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Danbury officials updated on drinking water quality

With concerns around the country over the quality of municipal water, a Danbury City Council member asked for an update on the quality of Danbury's water supply.  Councilman Warren Levy asked not only how it's maintained, but also whether the new winter road treatment material used has an effect on water quality.  Danbury changed winter road treatment practices this season.


Public Utilities Superintendent David Day said Danbury doesn't have any compliance issues.  He notes that corrosion control is optimized, so the City is operating fine.  Day says the supply meets all federal and state drinking water standards requirements and regulations.


The Michigan town which switched its water source in 2014 while under state financial management to save money, is under a state of emergency.  Lead from aging pipes leached into drinking water, and a Legionnaires' disease outbreak potentially linked to the Flint River caused nine deaths.  Tests have shown high lead levels in some Flint children.


If consumed, lead can cause developmental delays and learning disabilities.


The Environmental Protection Agency sent letters Monday asking all states to determine within 30 days that they are using correct procedures for treating and sampling water. Of special concern is treatment to prevent corrosion that would enable lead and copper to leach into tap water, which is what occurred in Flint.


Michigan officials did not require Flint to add anti-corrosive chemicals when the city began drawing water from the Flint River after switching from Detroit's water system.


The EPA also wants states to make sampling results and other information public to restore confidence in the nation's drinking water.

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