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State approval sought for Danbury's beefed up noise ordinance

Danbury's new, enhanced noise ordinance will have to be signed off on by the state, because the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection has some cross-over regulations.  Danbury Corporation Counsel Les Pinter told the City Council at their meeting that the state may question the automobile part, because they regulate certain loud noises from cars. 


State statute is silent on non-muffler and other non-vehicle noises like music eminating from a car. 


Pinter state the state may want more detail about the so-called "plainly audible standard" for enforcement.  The standard is objective, specific and easily understandable--and carried out by a trained official police or noise control officer.


Police Chief Al Baker told the City Council that the entire Police Department would be trained on "plainly audible standards".  The Department, working with the City's attorney will come up with a curriculum and they will do the training in house, during a roll call type of situation.

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