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Danbury fire truck to be refurbished to save on cost of purchasing new ladder truck

The Danbury Fire Department has three ladder trucks.  A 2000 engine known as Truck 2, a 2004 truck which is the main apparatus, and a 2014 ladder truck.  Truck 2 is the back up to the main truck and will be refurbished in an effort to save the City money from having to buy a completely new fire truck.  The '04 got the bulk of the use and is now beyond it's wear point and needs to be replaced.  The 2014 truck is running full time and the '04 will be back up. 


Cavo says Danbury residents will not notice a difference in fire coverage while the 2000 is out being refurbished.  It will be seven to nine months before the refurbished truck is put back in service.


Once the truck comes back to Danbury, the '04 will be listed as surplus equipment and sold.  Cavo says they do have some value at the end of the City's use.  Other departments will take pieces from the truck while others might completely refurbish the truck for three-quarters of the price of a new truck


Apparatus Supervisor Joe Cavo says the equipment bought in 2014 cost $1.2 million, but due to inflation a 2016 ladder truck costs $1.4 million.  The option to refurbish the 2000 ladder truck will cost a fraction of that at $350,000.


The $350,000 will be covered by funding in the current fiscal year's budget which was earmarked for this use, coupled with some money from the coming fiscal year's budget.

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