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Make Way for Ducklings! Brookfield Police make storm drain rescue

There was a different kind of rescue in Brookfield Friday morning.  Members of the Brookfield Police and Public Works Departments rescued a brood of ducklings that had fallen into a storm drain on Route 133 in front of St. Josephs School. 


All 11 ducklings were successfully rescued and reunited with their mother.


Brookfield Police were alerted by a passing motorist who saw what she thought was an injured female duck, atop a grate for a storm drain.  It turned out to be the mother duck standing guard over the ducklings some 8 feet below.  Police Officers and Public Works personnel removed grates from atop the storm drains and Brookfield Police Officer Chris Campbell and Public Works Driver Andy Lyle were each able to rescue the ducklings.


(Photo: Brookfield Police, Facebook)


The rescued ducklings were released on the lawn next to the school playground.  The mother duck was leading her brood across the driveway and safely into the woods bordering the school within minutes.


(Photo: Brookfield Police, Facebook)