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Public hearing, annual town meeting to be held in Brookfield

A public hearing is being held in Brookfield tonight.  The Board of Selectmen will be taking public comment on the proposed snow and ice removal ordinance and assessment of benefits for sidewalk improvements. 


The proposed ordinance is about snow removal requirements and enforcement of those requirements.  It gives the Board of Selectmen the ability to create a benefit assessment for abutting property owners for certain improvements in the Town Center District, or any other property owner for lands abutting or fronting a sidewalk.  The sidewalk needs to be kept in safe condition and repair. 


The public hearing is at 7pm at Brookfield Town Hall in meeting room 133.


The Annual Town Meeting in Brookfield is set for tomorrow night.  The Board of Finance's final budget recommendation for the coming fiscal year will be reviewed.  A recommended May 17th referendum date will be presented. 


There is about a 2.5 percent tax increase proposed in the Brookfield budget for the coming year.  The Board of Education portion of the budget is $40.4 million, and includes a new math program, elimination of pay-to-play and a filling several teaching and administrative positions left vacant since the recession.  The $22.8 million municipal budget proposal includes hiring a community development specialist and a purchasing agent and buying portable classrooms for Huckleberry Hill Elementary School. 


The annual town meeting is at 7pm tomorrow at the Brookfield High School auditorium.

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