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Bill increasing energy savings credit could benefit Bethel

Municipalities could save money under a bill signed into law by the Governor last week.  The legislation requires the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority to authorize an additional $6 million of virtual net metering credits per year to municipal customer host towns. 


State Representative Steve Harding says locally, Bethel will be able to utilize these energy savings. 


The virtual net metering law allows host towns to receive billing credits for additional zero/low emission power they generate. Those credits, in turn, can be used at the towns’ discretion towards any other bills they may have. 


Harding says Bethel has already invested a great deal into utilizing solar energy, and this bill extends the cap on monetary credits for such investments.  He notes that this will mitigate energy costs and potentially save Bethel a significant amount of money. 


The bill takes effect July 1st.

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