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Aquarion calling on customers to implement water conservation measures

Water conservation measures are being called for in the Greater Danbury area.  The Connecticut Department of Public Health has put out an advisory for water conservation.  Aquarion Water Company is asking its customers to conserve water and reduce non-essential outdoor water use. 


With a lack of significant rainfall, Connecticut is currently experiencing conditions ranging from “abnormally dry” to “moderate drought”. 


Aquarion customers are being asked to limit lawn irrigation to a maximum of twice a week if they are using an irrigation system or hose-end sprinkler. Use of a hand-held hose for watering is allowed at any time.


Aquarion is recommending ways to use water more efficiently, while helping conservation efforts.  They include allowing grass to grow longer because taller grass is healthier and requires less water, not washing cars or boats with a hose and shutting off ornamental water displays.  The advice also includes taking shorter showers, repairing leaks in plumbing and fixtures and hand washing dishes in a basin, not under running water.


Aquarion officials say it's important for all customers to help in this conservation effort to ensure everyone in the community has the water they need when they need it.

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