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New traffic pattern in Bethel at Plumtrees Road bridge

A new traffic pattern is now in place in Bethel where the Plumtrees Road bridge replacement project is underway.  A bypass is now open.  The busy and narrow intersection is being turned into an “x” shape where it meets Walnut Hill Road and Whittlesey Drive.


(Photo Courtesy: Matt Knickerbocker)


First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says dedicated right and left turn arrows to help move traffic along.  When the bridge replacement is finished, Knickerbocker says the realigned intersection will be less congested, safer for pedestrian crossings and wide enough for trucks and school buses to make turns without taking up both lanes.


(Photo Courtesy: Matt Knickerbocker)


There have been no weather delays so Knickerbocker says the work is about two or three months ahead of schedule. But he says it’s early in the process and they can’t count on it staying that way. 


The project is slated for completion in October 2017.

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