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Money being set aside from now for looming massive infrastructure improvement project

Danbury officials have been setting aside money knowing a huge infrastructure project is on the horizon.  While residents are being asked in November to support a request for $10 million for improvements to the waste water treatment plant, that's just a small part of the projected cost. 


About $45 million for improvements done in 1993 and 1994 were taken off the sewer funds bond rolls.  Mayor Mark Boughton says that's a lot of debt and a steep drop off in borrowing on the City side.  He notes that the sewer fund itself is in pretty good shape.  Boughton says the impact on the rates won't be as bad as initially projected.  He says it will be bad, but not as bad as thought. 


Technology is continually improving, and he hopes that as the project moves along some cost will be reduced.


Assuming voters approve the $10 million bond in November, the City will issue a Request for Proposal for a consultant, engineer and architectural firm.  That won't be awarded until Spring 2017, and the big borrowing likely won't be before the voters until 2018.

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