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A local lawmaker recently took a ride-along with a Newtown Police Officer to get an inside look at a typical day on the job for members of the department.  State Representative Mitch Bolinsky said the police are prepared for really any situation and it was a wonderful thing to see.  Bolinsky says he was able to observe the sensitive way they protect the community.


Bolinsky also toured the police department and spoke to officers and command staff about local issues affecting the department, including Connecticut’s drug overdose epidemic and the use of body cameras.


He says it's important for legislators to spend one-on-one time with law enforcement to better understand the challenges faced each day they put on their uniforms.  He said it's time well spent in understanding and crafting solutions to the issues that affect all of communities, including the drug addiction epidemic.


Bolinsky rode with Patrolman Matthew Hayes, an 8-year veteran of the force, who heads the Adventurers program, works with the K-9 unit, participates in the regional SWAT team and is a Commander of the Police Honor Guard.  Hayes was awarded a Purple Heart for his service to the nation in the Iraq War.

“I've never been in a car that was waved to by so many people. It was clear to me that our community respects and appreciates Newtown's hard working and professional men and women in blue, or in our case, gray. I was also impressed with how many residents knew and loved seeing Officer Hayes. He's a popular guy!”

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