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Brookfield Police announce 'U Text. U Drive. U Pay.' campaign results

Brookfield Police were among the local departments to participate in a nationwide crackdown on distracted drivers.  The "U Text. U Drive. U Pay." enforcement started August 2nd and continued for two weeks.  During that span, Brookfield officers conducted 158 motor vehicle stops, which resulted in 107 infractions, and 3 drug related arrest. 


Police reminded motorists that when officer say "Phone in one hand, Ticket in the other" they meant it. 


Connecticut is the only state in the country to receive special distracted driving prevention funds.  That grant money allowed Brookfield and other local police departments to implement special patrols to identify, stop, and cite drivers who chose to ignore distracted driving laws. Over $6.8 million has been awarded to the state over the last three years specifically for campaigns like this one.  Brookfield Police say Connecticut qualifies for this federal funding source though a combination of tough laws - and, a proven track record in strong enforcement of distracted driving laws.


During the April operation, over 12,000 citations issued to motorists by police across Connecticut.  The state Department of Transportation says there was an eight percent drop in mobile phone use by drivers at observation locations during last year's crackdown.


Under Connecticut’s cell phone and texting law, fines are $150 for a first offense, $300 for a second violation, and $500 for each subsequent violation.

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