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Pipeline Maintenance Activities planned by Iroquois in Newtown and Monroe

Iroquois is planning Pipeline Maintenance Activities in Newtown and Monroe.  Iroquois will be installing launcher and receiver facilities on its 1.5 mile loop line that parallels its mainline between Stone Bridge Trail and Canterbury Road in Newtown.  These facilities, at existing valve sites, will allow Iroquois to internally inspect the line periodically to detect metal loss, dents or deformation from outside sources, allowing remedial action to be taken when and if necessary. 


The line must be cleared so that no natural gas is present while the work is being done. This will be accomplished through a controlled release, or venting, of the natural gas at high pressure in order to clear the line quickly and safely. 


On Saturday, starting at 9am, Iroquois will vent natural gas from a section of the main line, simultaneously at four locations.  They are Walnut Tree Hill Road, Canterbury Road, and Stone Bridge Trail in Newtown along with Whispering Pine Road in Monroe.  During the vent, residents nearby the sites may hear loud noise and or detect the smell of the odorant added for safety reasons. The odorant is not harmful, but has a smell similar to rotten eggs.

When the various stages of work have been completed, the line will be purged of air and restored to service.


For safety reasons, the work planned for September 17 at the Canterbury Road facility must be completed prior to workers leaving the site. While it is not anticipated, if it becomes necessary to extend work activities into the nighttime hours, notice will be posted on the Iroquois website.

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