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Clown sightings at WCSU appear to be hoaxes

The Western Connecticut State University Police Department has received calls about a person or persons on campus wearing clown costumes.  Police say this has caused alarm in the university community due to the proliferation of “clown sightings” around the country.  Most, if not all, of the reports are being proven as hoaxes.


These reports are being spread through social media posts, in some cases, by people trying to panic the public.  University Police are reminding students and others that false reporting to law enforcement agencies ties up resources that could be focused on real issues, and anyone engaging in false reporting can and will be criminally charged.


As with any suspicious activity, the WCSU Police requests that they be notified immediately so that the activity can be investigated.


Officers are conducting regular patrol checks on campus and in public areas to ensure the safety of the community.

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