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The "Newtown" documentary, which will be shown in many theaters Wednesday night, has been pulled from more than 100 Cinemark theaters.  According to a report in Deadline, that was done out of respect for victims of the 2012 Aurora, Colorado, mass shooting, who sued the chain.  The documentary chronicles the tragic events that unfolded on 12-14. 


The Aurora suit alleges Cinemark didn't do enough to keep patrons safe from a gunman there.  Cinemark called for hundreds of thousands of dollars from the plaintiffs to cover its legal fees and a boycott protest began. 


Mark Barden, whose son Daniel was killed, said people will see the very real consequences of gun violence in this documentary, along with the work that's being done to prevent it.  He said 12-14 was every parent's worse nightmare and it can be tough to put into words, but this documentary is a window into his world.  It's also about the neighbors and friends in Newtown who have been affected by preventable gun violence. 


Barden noted that the community immediately wrapped their family in love and support.

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