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Bids are being sought by the state Department of Transportation for companies to pay to keep highway rest areas open 24-hours a day.  At the end of September, several of the rest area buildings were closed except for 7:30am to 2:30pm, including the one off exit 2 of I-84 eastbound in Danbury. 


Portable toilets were set up in the parking lots of the seven rest areas, in a move meant to save millions of dollars in state employee costs.  But a Hartford Courant report last month said motorists found overflowing portable toilets with no toilet paper. 


Bids are being accepted through November 22nd for corporate sponsors.  DOT spokesman Kevin Nursik told the Courant that it would be like 'adopt-a-highway' sponsors.  In exchange for the funding, a sign would be put up in advance of the location and two others would be placed at the building. 


The rest areas with currently limited building operation were created after a federal law took effect that prevents commercial development--such as a gas station, restaurant or convenience store--to otherwise financially sustain them.

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