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About $1 million in bonding for sidewalk repair and replacement in the downtown Danbury area was approved by voters last week.  But the exact sidewalks to be repaired hasn't been decided yet by City officials.  Mayor Mark Boughton says mapping and engineering work is now underway. 


Boughton says the only area that the City is responsible for the upkeep is in the Downtown Revitalization Zone.  The rest of the sidewalks are the responsibility of individual property owners. 


The City's sidewalk inspector will be going out over the next several weeks to begin issuing citations for people who have not maintained their sidewalk or where a trip hazard has developed.  Boughton notes that if someone falls outside a home or business, the liability is on the property owner. 


The inspector will encourage property owners to fix the sidewalk, because in many places they have not been maintained.

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