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FirstLight has altered the drawdown scheduled for the winter. All parties have agreed that a shallower drawdown than was previously scheduled will reduce the amount of water required to refill the lake in the spring, which will in turn reduce the likelihood that zebra mussels will be pumped into the lake. 


With the recent finding of adult zebra mussels in the Housatonic River in the area of the pumping station, there is now an increased risk in pumping adult zebra mussels up into Candlewood.  Drought conditions and the current low water levels on Candlewood Lake necessitate pumping from the Housatonic River to return the lake to a usable level prior to the start of the fishing and recreational seasons in 2017.


While zebra mussels have been observed in the river and in Lakes Lillinonah and Zoar since 2009, this is the first time adults were found attached to the Rocky River Station where water is pumped up to refill Candlewood Lake. For the past 5 years FirstLight has voluntarily restricted pumping water into Candlewood during times when zebra mussels reproduce to prevent the spread of the baby zebra mussels, which can float downstream from adult populations.

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