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A Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need has been granted by the Connecticut Siting Council to Eversourcce Energy.  The Siting Council did request some additional details about construction for another review.


It's for the utility's Southwest Connecticut Reliability Project in Bethel, Danbury, and Brookfield.  Construction, maintenance and operation of a new 115-kV overhead electric transmission line would be entirely within existing Eversource right-of-ways.  The proposed line extends 3.4 miles between Eversource’s existing Plumtree Substation in the Bethel to its existing Brookfield Junction. 


Eversource also plans to reconfigure two existing 115-kV double-circuit electric transmission lines at Eversource’s existing Stony Hill Substation in Brookfield, along with related substation modifications. 



A planned access road off Deer Trail Drive in Brookfield was taken off the table, and the utility will instead use an existing access road off of Stony Hill Road instead. 


Tree removal was one of the main concerns cited during public hearings.


The estimated cost of the project is $24.4 million.  The transmission line accounts for $18.9 million, while the substation modifications account for $5.5 million.  The Siting Council ruling says that Connecticut ratepayers will pay about 25% of the total cost of the project.

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