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A new animal control facility is planned in Danbury.


$950,000 in bond money approved earlier this month for the construction of a new dog pound will help Danbury be in compliance with state standards.  Animal Control officials say a new facility is desperately needed. Since last July several improvements were made to the City's current building to bring it up to date with state regulations, but the facility is still sub-standard to pounds of today.  The building was constructed in the early 70's, is antiquated and in need of many major updates. 


Mayor Mark Boughton says the current facility doesn't have heat or air conditioning, and there's no room to quarantine animals if they're sick.  He says the building has lived past its lifetime.  Boughton notes that a new building will give them a humane area to hold dogs before they're adopted.


A new facility would create a less stressful and more comfortable environment for the animals.  Animal Control officials say a new building would benefit not only the animals that pass through the doors, but the employees and volunteer as well.  


Boughton hopes construction can start by the summer.  It's expected to take about six months to complete a new building.

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