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Connecticut Supreme Court to hear Danbury man's case

The Connecticut Supreme Court will start the fourth term of the 2016-17 court year today.  One of the cases being heard is the State of Connecticut versus Michael Pelella, from the Danbury Judicial District.  The state charged the defendant with threatening to commit a crime of violence against his brother, Francis Pelella, with the intent to terrorize.  The state also charged the defendant with threatening with reckless disregard of the risk of causing terror. 


In a memorandum of decision last February, the trial court dismissed the state's charges.  An appeal was granted. 


The charges stemmed from a January 2014 domestic disturbance in Danbury.  According to court documents, Danbury Police responded to the Fairlawn Avenue home on numerous occasions. 


On this particular day, officers saw the then 22-year old Francis Pelella standing at the top of the stairs and the defendant, then-31-year old Michael Pelella, standing at the bottom of the stairs with their mother.  The younger brother told the defendant that he was going to move into the attic, and the defendant reportedly became mad because his belongings were in the attic.  Michael allegedly told his brother that he would hurt him.  The brother said that he feared for his safety because the defendant had hurt him physically in the past. 


Francis Pelella was also arrested on a disorderly conduct charge for yelling at his mother and getting into her face.

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