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3D mammograms to be covered by some health insurance policies in 2017

A new year will bring new laws to Connecticut.  Several pieces of legislation are set to take effect January 1st.  Certain health insurance policies must cover 3D mammography beginning next week.  The technology for 3D screenings was developed by Danbury-based Hologic.


Unlike conventional 2D mammography, where the presence of overlapping breast tissue can make it more difficult to detect cancer, Hologic's 3D screening makes the image clearer.  The Danbury-based company says the technology detects invasive cancers earlier, when the disease is easiest to treat.


Governor Malloy had some reservations about the bill, but signed the measure into law in June.  Malloy considered a veto because he had lingering questions about its cost.  He also was concerned with possible legal issues, including if women who had their insurance-covered breast screening for the year now want the high-tech test. 


Malloy admits the technology will likely become the new standard. He hopes the price for the procedure will go down over time.


The bill passed the legislature with virtually no opposition.  Local lawmakers said at the time that the accuracy will ultimately lower costs, by preventing false positives that lead to more tests.

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