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Congresswoman Esty identifies topics to work on with the new President

5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty is striking an optimistic tone in her thoughts this Inauguration Day.  Esty says this is so much good and important work that the American people are counting on all their elected officials to do together, and it's time to put country first.


She called it an awe inspiring and solemn occasion, and found the sight very inspiring.


Esty says it was nice to not have it be as cold as it has been in the past, but noted that it did start to rain as soon as President Trump started speaking.  She was sitting with a Democratic colleague, in front some Republicans she entered Congress with.  There was some good natured joking about the rain, with some saying that it represented crying.  Others said it was tears of joy.  Esty says how you view it, depends on what you bring to the table.  But she says at the end of the day, everyone hopes for the best for this country.


Esty says her mission is to find solutions to the problems families in northwestern Connecticut are facing.  When fulfilling that mission means working with President Trump, Esty says she will work with him. When fulfilling that mission means opposing President Trump, she says she will be as loud and forceful as she needs to be.


She offered some advice for the new President, calling for today to be the day that President Trump swears off Twitter feuds and personal attacks and starts reaching out to Americans from all walks of life in search of common ground.  She also called on him to follow through on his pledge to work together to revitalize infrastructure, improve care for veterans, and promote American manufacturing.