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Esty introduces bill to help veterans exposed to 'burn pits'

5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty has introduced a bill to help veterans exposed to Burn Pits.  Those are areas on military bases where waste is incinerated and toxic fumes are released into the atmosphere.


The VA would have to work toward the prevention, diagnosis, mitigation, treatment, and rehabilitation of health conditions related to exposure to burn pits.  Health effects from exposure to chemicals found in burn pits can include cancer, neurological and reproductive effects, respiratory toxicity, and cardiovascular toxicity. 


Retired Lt. Col. Michael. J Zacchea, a Brookfield Marine Corps veteran and the Program Manager at the Entrepreneur Bootcamp for Veterans, says burn pits are the ticking time bomb in this generation of combat veterans.  He added that this is a major health issue which will plague more than 4 million veterans who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last nearly two decades of war.

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