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Newtown Police K9 Saint Michael has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.  The emergency animal hospital determined that Saint Michael had cancer in his spleen area.  The K9 was brought to the vet last week and his spleen was removed. 



Newtown Police spokesman Lt Aaron Bahamonde says the K9 is an asset to the police force and he will return to the job on modified assignment as soon as possible.  With the diagnosis, he will be limited in terms of being an aggressive-type of dog.  He will do more sniffing and tracking rather than chasing criminals.


Saint Michael joined the Newtown Police force in 2014 and serves with his handler Officer Felicia Figol. 


(Photos courtesy: Facebook)


Bahamonde says they are looking into holistic treatment and chemotherapy.  They are looking to offset the costs, which can get expensive.  The department wants to treat Saint Michael and prolong his life as long as they medically can, with a good quality of life.


Budgets everywhere are tight, and this kind of immediate need will be tough to handle, so the Newtown Police Department is seeking donations to help offset the $5,000 to $7,000 related to his diagnosis.  Bahamonde says the donations will help cover the costs of his medical treatment and potentially save his life.  

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