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FirstLight Power Resources, the owner of the Dike Point Recreational Park in New Milford, has started a reservation system to address public safety and public health concerns.  The park has become a popular beach destination and has experienced overcapacity issues in recent years.  Walk-ins and unauthorized users will not be admitted.  


The park officially opened Monday at noon.  New park hours for the summer recreation period will be Monday-Friday, noon to 8pm and on weekends from 8am to 8pm. 


The reservation is for one vehicle, holding a maximum of four passengers. 


First Light says they acted because of damage to park facilities, increased littering, and regular calls to the local police for issues such as domestic disturbances and noise complaints.  On-site security will continue to enforce a “carry in, carry out” policy on trash, new hours will be enforced and alcoholic beverages will no longer be permitted. 


Reservations, which are based on parking limitations, can be made online.

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