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A ceremony was held at Joel Barlow High School in Redding yesterday to recognize the good samaritans who pulled over and helped rescue six teenagers involved in a fiery single car crash in mid-April.  Chris Consiglio, Richard Nichio, Ann Brown and Kim Plourde were all driving along Route 107 at the time.  Consiglio reportedly saw the crash happen and helped one of the girls who was partially ejected from the vehicle.  Nichio patted the flames out over one of the boy's body. 


All six teenagers survived. 


The first responders included the Redding Police Department, Georgetown Fire Department, Redding Fire and EMS, Co. #1, West Redding Fire Department, Ridgefield and Wilton/Weston paramedics, and Danbury and Norwalk Hospitals.  They were all recognized, with specific mention of Georgetown assistant fire chief Greg Zapp, dispatcher Michael Boweres and Redding Police officers Colin O’Connor and Rachel Cardella, and Sgt. Tim Succi. 


The teens involved are Ryan Capozziello, 18, and Thomas Bull, 18, both of Fairfield and Allison Loder, 17, and Ryan Gombos, 16, of Easton; and Janelle Pompea, 16, and Grant Ciccarello, 16, of Redding.

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