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The Brookfield Board of Selectmen is holding a public hearing tonight on three items.  One is a request from the Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut to receive Neighborhood Assistance Act funding.  The YMCA is asking for $150,000 for their annual support campaign.  The program is run through the state Department of Revenue Services. 


The pubic hearing will also be about updates to the Brookfield ordinance about Food Service Establishments.  The change would bring the town measure in line with state statute which says a municipality can withhold or revoke permits for those with delinquent taxes. 


The last item up for a public hearing is about changes to applications for building permits because of new software being used.  The change will only apply to delinquent properties.  Brookfield currently requires taxes be paid up in order to get a permit. 


The public hearing is at 7:15pm in Brookfield Town Hall and will be followed by the Board of Selectmen meeting.

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