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Connecticut lawmakers have passed legislation that could eventually prevent state transportation funds from being spent on other projects.

The Senate on Wednesday voted for a resolution that would create an amendment to the state's constitution, guaranteeing that transportation funds are spent only on transportation projects. The proposal previously passed the House of Representatives.

Voters will be asked to approve the amendment during the next statewide election in November 2018.


Newtown Representative Mitch Bolinsky called it another bite at a bad apple because it was based on a failed 2015 proposal, which also happened to sweep $35 million from the Special Transportation Fund for unrelated expenses.


Bolinsky says it's more like a colander because it does not effectively lock-in the funds.  He called it a false lockbox because the guarantees are weak that funding streams won't be raided before they get to the lockbox.


Senators Mike McLachlan and Craig Miner voted against the bill.  Senators Toni Boucher and Tony Hwang voted for it.


Bethel Representative Will Duff, Steve Harding of Brookfield, New Fairfield Representative Richard Smith, Bill Buckbee of New Milford, Monroe Representative JP Sredzinski and John Frey of Ridgefield opposed the measure. 


Danbury Representatives David Arconti, Robert Godfrey and Michael Ferguson along with Adam Dunsby of Easton voted in favor of the bill.

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