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5th District Congresswoman Elizabeth Esty has issued a statement in response to former FBI Director James Comey's testimony this week. 


She says Congress and the Department of Justice must continue their dogged pursuit of the facts, wherever they may lead.  She says the testimony confirmed many things that have already been reported, and called it troubling.  Esty interpreted Comey's testimony as President Trump seeking ‘loyalty’ and preferential treatment in exchange for keeping Comey in his post. 


4th District Congressman Jim Himes says the testimony provided more transparency and answers about the FBI investigation into Michael Flynn.  Himes added that he will continue to work with the House Intelligence Committee in a bipartisan fashion to gather documents, interview witnesses and conduct a thorough and unbiased investigation. 


Whether the President's behavior rises to the level of obstruction of justice, Himes says is a question for federal law enforcement under the direction of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. 

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