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A special meeting of the Sandy Hook Permanent Memorial Commission was held this week to talk about the start of the design phase.  A subcommittee recommended that they not use a Request for Proposal process.  The Newtown Bee reports that they decided RFPs make sense for projects like buildings and bridges, but that the memorial is more open ended. 


The Commission must come up with a document that potential designers could use as guidelines.  The commission will next meet on the 27th, before their previously scheduled July 13th meeting.  This will give the Commission another chance to edit the revised draft presented this week. 


The Bee reports that the guidelines include some built-in safeguards if the Commission accepts designs from nonprofessionals and emerging professionals.  The subcommittee gave the example of Maya Ying Lin, who was studying architecture at Yale when her design was selected for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

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