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Some 85 Bethel residents in the Stony Hill section of town received a letter asking for participation in a survey about continuing the sewer system installation project.  Town officials say only about a third of the surveys have been returned.  The response period is being held open until the 30th. 


The original project was designed to bring sanitary sewage coverage to 1,132 homes and businesses in the Stony Hill area in four phases.  The project ended in 2013 without being fully implemented because of unanticipated cost increases. 


85 homes in the final phase design plans were left without sewers. 


A townwide referendum would have to be held in order to secure funding to continue the project.  Construction costs would be paid for by property owners in the project area through an annual assessment, based on home value.  The project would be bonded over 20 years.  Homeowners in the project area will be assessed whether or not they hook up to the sewer system.


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