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Local lawmakers disappointed in colleagues over union concession agreement vote

Despite debate about whether it solves the state's long-term fiscal problems, the General Assembly has narrowly approved a labor-savings deal.  The agreement resolves about 30-percent of the projected $5 billion deficit facing the state over the next two years.


Danbury Senator Mike McLachlan says the deal doesn't go far enough, noting that people watching bond ratings have indicated that another downgrade is on the near horizon.  He says it's time for Connecticut to move in a different direction.


He says his constituents are asking what is going on in Hartford, kicking the can down the road.  McLachlan says they have to stop what they're doing, because it's not working anymore.


Senator Tony Hwang, whose district includes Newtown, says there's disconnect with what's done in Hartford versus representing the people that elected them.  He continued by saying that people are not being represented right now.


Hwang says perception of what's being done in Connecticut is not a good one, it's that the state is not doing the right things.

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