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As the budget stalemate at the state capitol continues, Governor Malloy is proposing to scale back his proposed shift of teacher pension costs to municipalities.  Malloy originally suggested cities and towns cover one-third, but told The Mirror that he would accept their contributing only the costs tied to present-day teachers. 


Bethel First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says that is still unacceptable.  He says no matter by how much or how little, any transfer of the state's financial obligations down to the towns will trigger an increase in property taxes, or reduce the number of teachers in the classrooms, reduce town services or a combination of all. 


He added that while the state was failing to set aside money to fund its pension plans, Bethel has been keeping local pension funds healthy, protecting taxpayers from future liabilities and negotiating 401(k) type retirement plans for future employees. 

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