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An area legislator is cautioning against the proliferation of casinos in Connecticut.  State Senator Tony Hwang, whose district includes Newtown, says that old phrase “the house always wins” can be applied to gaming expansion.  He says communities will see an increase in crime, traffic, and impaired driving.  He says that would be coupled with decreased home values. 


Hwang is critical of Governor Malloy for signing a bill into law allowing the two federally recognized tribes to jointly operate a casino off tribal land.  He says that has opened the door to lawsuits, which could be tied up in court for years.  Hwang says Malloy placed a bad bet on a bad bill. 


He added that he doesn't want Bridgeport to become the next Atlantic City, citing it's financial ruin.  Hwang is part of a coalition that's fighting the expansion of gambling in Connecticut, www.NoMoreCasinosInCT.  

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