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The state Supreme Court will hear arguments today in the appeal of a decision to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit.  The suit was filed by some families of those killed at Sandy Hook School against the maker of the rifle used by the gunman.


A Superior Court judge dismissed the civil case last year. At issue were exceptions to a federal ban on most lawsuits against gun makers. The judge rejected the families' argument that the suit is allowed under the exceptions.


Lawyers for Remington have said the rifle was made, distributed and sold legally. The NRA and the Newtown-based National Shooting Sports Foundation have filed briefs on behalf of Remington.


The Brady Center against Gun Violence and the state’s attorney generals office have filed briefs on behalf of the families. 


Only three sitting full-time justices and a senior justice will hear the case. 3 appellate court judges will join them. Chief Justice Chase Rogers is unavailable today and Gregory D’Auria has recused himself. Two recently retired judges haven’t been replaced yet.

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