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Local lawmaker makes presentation about 911 centers, Mobile Integrated Health Systems

Monroe state Representative JP Sredzinski, whose district also includes Newtown, has given a presentation to a legislatively-mandated working group on how 911 centers can be impacted by or have an impact on the concept of Mobile Integrated Health Systems.  Also known as community para-medicine, MIH is the concept of sending a reduced emergency response to evaluate patients in a stable condition.  The General Assembly approved a measure to form a working group to make recommendations based on the benefits of MIH systems.

Sredzinski is Ranking Member on the General Assembly’s Public Safety Committee.  He highlighted two central points in his presentation to the MIH working group.  One is that 911 Dispatch Centers can play a role in MIH delivery, as long as the appropriate protocols are implemented, the right training is provided, and communities aren't burdened with a responsibility they are not prepared to handle. 


He also said that 911 Dispatch Centers should be utilized as "triage determination centers" and not "call processing centers." He doesn't want people calling them if they need an evaluation, but noted that callers can be re-routed to the right place if determined to not need emergency care.


Sredzinski says adoption of MIH systems would require a paradigm shift in Connecticut and it would take some time to get accustomed to. If Connecticut can improve the public health system at the same time as reducing costs, He says that would be a true win-win.

Sredzinski has worked in the 911 Communications field for 18 years.


The working group must present its findings to the Public Health Committee by January 1, 2019.

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