Local Headlines

State lawmakers likely won't come back in special session to deal with the deficit, as the next session of the General Assembly opens in a couple of weeks.  They did restore the Medicare Savings Program this week.  Danbury Representative Michael Ferguson says many seniors in his district rely on the program for essential services they could not otherwise afford.  


Bethel Representative Will Duff says this program helps seniors on fixed incomes stay in Connecticut, and he backed the measure. 


New Fairfield Representative Richard Smith touted the vote this week to restore the Medicare Savings Program.  He says providing for the most vulnerable is a critical function of government, which they have to remember as the General Assembly gets set for a new session next month.  He says they will be tacking a restructure of state policies to address a persistent budget deficit. 


Almost 86,000 low-income seniors would be disqualified and another 27,000 would have their coverage reduced under changes in the Medicare Savings Program, which were overturned by the General Assembly this week.  Brookfield Representative Stephen Harding says restoring funds for the program was among the many areas of the state budget which take priority over others.