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Cold temperatures helping in Housatonic ice jam response planning

The situation in Kent overall is calm and coordinated, according to emergency response officials as the town center remains flooded due to an ice jam on the Housatonic River. There is no immediate threat to life or property. 


Warmer temperatures are expected this weekend and Kent officials are hoping that the ice jam on the Housatonic River will thaw gradually, over many days.  They say, ideally, a slow thaw combined with a small amount of precipitation should be enough to nudge the jam south.  State Representative Brian Ohler says time and cold temperatures are helping them to gauge the overall severity and predictability of this ice jam.  


The Connecticut Division of Emergency Management and Homeland Security are providing assistance to the town.  An incident command system is now in place for Planning and Logistics.  


Bringing in a Coast Guard icebreaker is not an option on the Housatonic River in Kent as a massive ice jam persists.  There had been speculation over mechanical intervention, but the river is narrow and there are other obstacles that don't make it likely. 


Ohler says logistical support and equipment allocations are ongoing.

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