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Potential sale of Brookfield-owned property up for hearing tonight

A public hearing has been scheduled in Brookfield tonight about the potential sale of a town-owned property on Junction Road.  The 2.3 acres belonged to the former chairman of the Conservation Commission. 


Proceeds could go toward preserving the Gurski Homestead. 


Paul Davis passed away 15 years ago and officials say stabilizing the farmhouse and restoring the barn on the historic site would be in keeping with his wishes. 


There is also $35,000 in the capital plan to help cover the cost of the improvements, required by the State Historic Preservation Office.  The Gurski master plan, which was approved last year, was ordered by the state after Brookfield tore down some dilapidated buildings without the state’s permission. 


The public hearing is scheduled for 7pm.  The town rented out the one-bedroom home on the property, but the tenant has moved out.

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