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Local Headlines

Emergency responders give advice on generator, snowblower safety

Kent State Representative Brian Ohler, who is also an emergency responder, says when there are fires, seconds count.  Several Greater Danbury area fire departments are calling on residents to take some time to clear away the snow that has built up around any fire hydrant on your property.  Ohler says this could save lives and property.  They're asking for at least 3’ on all sides. 


Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company is urging people to use caution while operating snowblowers and shoveling snow.  The snow is wet and heavy and is extremely heavy to shovel.  It will also clog the chute of snowblowers.  Emergency room officials say you should never place your hand in the snowblower to clear a blockage, because the blades will start again--with your hand in their path.


Sherman firefighters are reminding residents about portable generator safety.  It's recommend locating them approximately 25 feet from your house so there is no chance of poison gases entering your home. It is also recommended that you have working carbon monoxide detectors in your home at all times but especially if you run a portable generator.