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Clean up continues in Greater Danbury after Wednesday snow storm

Ridgefield opened the Parks and Recreation Center early this morning for warming, showers and WiFi. Eversource crews continue to work to clear roads of downed wires and restore electricity.  Trees may continue to fall, so Ridgefield officials caution residents to remain vigilant.


Redding fire officials are cautioning residents against driving over or walking near downed power lines.  They says there were some dangerous close calls Wednesday night, and downed power lines are still all over Redding.  Power lines’ protective coatings are not insulators.  Car tires are not either, and contain carbon, which is a conductor of electricity.  This warning comes as a New Jersey driver was killed after driving over a downed, live wire and his car caught fire.


It was a busy night for all of Newtown's Fire Companies during the snow storm and continued into yesterday. There are many trees and wires down all throughout Newtown.  Botsford Fire Rescue officials remind residents to stay away from any downed wires including cable or data lines as they could be in contact with downed power lines and carrying a charge.  Tree branches are still falling from the heavy snow so residents are also cautioned to be careful outside.

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