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Danbury hires 'Pothole Killers' to tackle annual problem

The perennial problem of potholes has been made worse in the Danbury area by the rain and snow this winter, washing out temporary fill.  Three crews are out daily, when weather permits, with the cold patch material.  Danbury Superintendent of Public Services Tim Nolan says a company is being brought in this week to tackle some larger problem spots.


The truck has a mounted spray injection patcher.  It uses a hydraulic boom to clear the pothole of debris, and then to apply liquid asphalt to fill and seal it.  The company says the process is quick, doing the job within minutes.


(Photo: City of Danbury)


Most asphalt plants open in the beginning of April. 


Danbury residents can report potholes to the city's information line 311, or 203-744-4311.


If you can't avoid a pothole, AAA recommends slowing down before you hit it, and not to brake directly over a pothole, which can cause more damage to your vehicle.  Drivers are also cautioned to be on the lookout for puddles, because it might be a particularly deep pothole in hiding.