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The inaugural New Milford Day was held at the State Capitol yesterday.  The event showed off New Milford's local businesses and services to the legislature.  Representatives Bill Buckbee and Richard Smith were joined by Senator Craig Miner and Mayor Pete Bass.  Buckbee says New Milford has a lot to offer locally, from major manufacturing to farming to youth services.


Goatboy Soaps brought in two baby goats that were born recently, and one named Billy Mo was introduced on the House Floor. 


(Billy Mo, Rep. Buckbee, Rep. Smith)


The event was planned to fall on Roger Sherman's birthday.  He was one of New Milford’s most influential residents on American Politics, and also former State Representative.


Participants of the event included:

Kimberly Farms
Goatboy Soaps
Kimberly Clark
Full Circle Promotions
The Makery
New Milford Girl Scouts – Troop 40232
New Milford Hospital
Pratt Nature Conservancy
New Milford Youth Agency
Community Credit Union of New Milford

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