Local Headlines
The canopy at the old train station building in downtown Bethel has been deemed unsafe and needs to be replaced.  The state deeded the Old Train Station building to Bethel years ago, but still owned the canopy.  Bethel asked the state to deed the canopy to the town so it can be historically restored, rather than replaced.  The state agreed, and will provide $36,800 toward the replacement cost. 
First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker says more funding is needed and he's recommending that it borrowed from the general fund.  The money would be paid back by rent received from the tenant. 
The Board of Selectmen has voted to waive the bidding process since there is only one company in the area that has the certification to do work so close to an active rail lien.  The approval of a contract with Rizzo Corporation would need approval from the Board of Finance and from residents at a Special Town Meeting. 
Demolition and removal of the old canopy and construction of a new structure is estimated to cost $142,600, with another $10,000 for flagging and track protection by Metro North.  The cost includes a 15% contingency, and is 16% lower than originally proposed after successful negotiations with the company.