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Local Headlines

Metro North to seek extension for installing Positive Train Control technology

Metro North is seeking more time to implement Positive Train Control technology.  The GPS-based technology is designed to automatically slow or stop trains that are going too fast and can take over control of a train when an engineer is distracted or incapacitated. 


Rail lines are required to have the technology installed by the end of this year. 


The MTA is working to get enough of the installation done by November to get an extension for Metro North and the Long Island Railroad.  The MTA is also looking to train enough employees to meet federal thresholds for an alternative schedule. 


The National Transportation Safety Board has been recommending using "automatic train control" after two Penn Central commuter trains collided in Darien in 1969, killing four and injuring 43.  The technology was mandated by Congress in 2008.  The Federal Railroad Administration previously authorized fines for railroads that do not comply with the federal safety statue.