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There's a lot of road work underway in New Milford.  On the Still River Roundabout, crews will continue to install curbing and begin to form for the concrete truck apron and splitter islands.  On Young's Field Road, the contractor will continue replacing corrugated metal pipe and be paving the north end of the road today. Further milling, grading and paving will take place tomorrow through Thursday, weather permitting. 


Long Mountain will begin to see survey layout, traffic control signs and other preliminary activities this week. 


On Railroad Street, there is a public notice about drainage work, milling and paving.  The goal is to have the work done next Monday or the following Monday, the 27th, to minimize business impacts. 


On Town Farm Road, drainage is being installed and plans call for milling, paving, curb and apron work before school opens on the 29th.

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