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Kent will be conducting tests to determine where storm water may be entering the sanitary sewer system.  A sewer smoke testing study will be done this week.  Storm water, sometimes referred to as inflow, can enter through many sources including catch basins, damaged manholes, sump pumps and basement drains. 


Smoke testing involves blowing smoke into the sanitary sewer system and monitoring where it exits to determine leaks.  The smoke is non-toxic, will not stain and does not leave a residue.  If smoke does enter a building, it will set off smoke detectors and the room should be ventilated. 


Field crews will be in orange or green safety vests, wearing company IDs, and should be contacted.  If a drain in a home or business has not been used recently, water should be poured down the drain to fill the trap.  Town officials say that's a practice that should be done monthly to prevent unhealthy sewer fumes and odors from entering through the drain. 


Any persons with health concerns, susceptibility to air borne irritants or technical questions about the testing is asked to contact Diversified Infrastructure Services representative, Ken Assard, prior to the testing at (860)-274-5469.

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