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Sherman testing well water for salt

A UConn geology professor is leading a study on well water in Sherman.  The water contains high levels of sodium and chloride, which create salt, making the water undrinkable.  Sherman residents approved $60,000 in June for the study.  The Newstimes reports that a probe was lowered into wells this weekend, with water quality numbers recorded every 5 feet.  Sherman School has reportedly spent $13,000 a year on bottled water and $5,000 on maintenance for the plumbing and heating systems because of corroded the pipes.  Wells at the firehouse, senior center, town hall and another school will be tested.  According to the published report, the leading theory on why there are elevated levels is due to salt from de-icing roads in winter.  The water table for the well at the Sherman School starts at about the same level as the paved driveway.

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Local Headlines