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There are new rules in effect in Ridgefield for erosion and sediment control at construction sites due to an increase in storms and intensity of storms.  The Ridgefield Press reports that the Planning and Zoning Director issued the new regulations, effective this month.  Any plan with a ‘single line’ erosion control barrier will no longer be accepted by the land use office.  Multiple layers of erosion control barriers will be needed. 


Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plans submitted for properties that contain steep slopes, inland wetlands, watercourses, water-bodies, floodplains, aquifers, and other sensitive site features, may be required to provide additional erosion control measures.  According to a release from the department, plans shall be designed so that no silty water leaves the immediate work site, and or creates a negative impact to all wetlands, watercourses, roadways and properties. 


Failure to properly maintain Erosion and Sediment Controls may result in the immediate revocation of permits.

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